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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 11 - Cooking class

Mercoledí, Settembre 11


For today, by "luck" a woman came by and wanted to know if she could take an Italian cooking class.  That was perfect because we weren't sure that I would be able to do one by myself since it can get expensive and there is a lot of work. Yay us.


First, we spent the day at the market (pictures will be added at some point). Then we went to my teacher's home (another honor!) to make and eat our creations.


The menu was:


1 - Peperoni in agrodolce

2 - Sgombri con nettarone

3 - Pasta con a cuige e mollica (with toasted bread crumbs instead of cheese)
     Correction: pasta con acciughe e mollica

4 - cotoletta di sarde

5 - Melanzane parmigiana con pomodoro salsa fresca


con frutto per dolce


OMGs, I made a 5 course Sicilian dinner!



  1. But I don't know what those Italian names mean! Other than, of course, really excellent food...

  2. Yes, translations, please, as many of these are regional terms, and obscure even to native speakers of Italian. for example, what are "sgombri?" "Nettarone?" And are "cotolette di sarde" what they sound like: sardine cutlets? How are they prepared? More details, please!

  3. Adding a new post with the recipes as I remember them.

  4. What yummy fun! I had melanzane for dinner, too, but it would have been so much nicer to have eaten it in Sicilia. Thanks for all this inspiration!